Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sun Chasing with Vikki.

So, seven days ago I posted my naked feet and my naked truth. Hours after that post something magical, spectacular and wonderful happened. However, I can't reveal what it is until next Wednesday. Oh, I'm such a tease :)

More recently, as recent as last night, or this morning, or Tuesday or Monday or Sunday, I chased the sun 5000 miles around the world.

It started late on Sunday night. I chased it from Salt Lake City to New York City and caught up with it only momentarily before I started to loose it again on Tuesday evening. I then chased it all the way to Dublin, Ireland. And then I found it, this morning, in a rich golden burning light. Beautiful, magical, celestial, positioned right around the location of Scotland in relation to Ireland and the Irish sea. Possibly one of the most positive affirming sights i've ever seen.

In short. I'm home. I'm jet lagged, I'm miserable, and it's oh so cold here. But every now and then life is just so utterly beautiful that everything else slips away.

and a better shot of the sunrise. Photographs do it no justice.

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Laura said...

Beautiful and I freaking can't wait til next week to know!! How could you!?