Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Life is only as good as the memories you make..."

I'm back!
Here's what happened:

We picnicked
We took our time
We sang in the car... a lot
We visited the Oregon Coast
We roasted hot dogs for dinner
We splashed in the Pacific Ocean
We became even more best friends
We had our 1st leisurely roadtrip together
We stopped in Astoria and became Goonies
We had our first camping trip/glamping trip
We stopped a billion times just because we could
We ate some free cheese at the Tillamook Cheese Factory

And that was all in ONE day!

AND Lover got accepted to school in California! The next adventure begins!
Last Tuesday is the day I'll think about whenever I think of summer '09.
Thank you Mr A.


rachel is a dreamer said...

what a lovely adventure! yay for memories :)
peace & love!

Nath said...

looks like fun! :)

love, nath