Monday, August 10, 2009

what friends do.

I've been going through all my old boxes of collectables, getting ready to move.

This is a collage from the teen girl squad. My best friends. I had to hold it down with my feet to get a picture because it was so wrinkled.

This was just the kind of stuff we did for each other back then. Finding this has inspired me to do more nice things for my friends. It was sort-of a high school thing... but why?

I'm going to keep friendship alive in my life.


Lissbeth said...

I love this post because it is true and also because in high school one of my best friends was named Meagan Marie.

Vikki Miller said...

I love this.

I'm pretty much doing the same thing... and sneezing from all the dust. I don't have anything as awesome and wonderful as your collage though.

It's brilliant. :)

Laura said...

I agree. I don't know why the silly fun stops when we get older. I'm trying to keep it alive though. I need to try harder...