Monday, August 31, 2009

"Out beyond the ideas of the final way and the only way there is a dreamy field. I'll meet you there." Rumi

What on earth happened to us last week?! I'm very sorry/embarrassed about that. This week I'll be back with posting - so long as my intergalactic net stays in tact.

When I stumbled upon this lovely Blog, I instantly thought of all of the wonderful places that I've been in my lifetime and wished so badly that I had thought to take a photograph of my feet while on vacation. I could send you pictures of my happy feet standing on the ruins of Tulum in Mexico or prancing through Times Square in some kick ass platform shoes.

The one trip that really stood out to me was when I went to Hawaii a few years ago on my honeymoon. While on Maui we journeyed on the Road to Hana, which is the name given to the 68-mile long stretch of Hawaii State Highways 36 and 360. It's an amazing 3 hour journey that takes you past waterfalls, lagoons, and so many other beautiful landscapes that Maui has to offer. The adventure should not be rushed because once you get to the little town of Hana, you will only find a sign and a gas station. You see, the magic of the Road to Hana is in the journey and not the destination. If you rush to get to Hana, you will miss all the beautiful views scattered along the way.

After we completed our quest I decided to take that experience as a metaphor for my life.

My current jaunt has led me to Athens, Ga. Where I am a stay at home Mom to two boys. The only road trips I take these days are in the daydreams I fit in between diaper changes. I am on my own "Road to Hana" but mine involves things like cooking dinner and bedtime. These are important strolls that must also be taken slowly. The joy of being a Mom can be missed if I rush through these tasks. I find it important to stop and look at the beauty of the vegetables as I slice them for my casserole. If I were to rush through bed time, I would miss my baby's loving gaze. If you have ever been on a walk with a four year old, you know that children live by this philosophy inherently. We stop often to poke sticks into holes or to throw rocks into the woods. Very often, we have no destination.

So, here is a picture of my dirty feet in a 3 month old pedicure. I decided to prop them up in the automobile that gets the most use around my house. It's small and it's made of plastic but it has served us well on our pilgrimages. I wouldn't want my feet to take me anywhere else right now.

Except maybe Las Vegas.


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Christine said...

Love this, Leigh! So many moms can relate...I know from experience that I certainly can. Ah well...a day in the life!