Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Starting Her Young [ Vikki ]

I have no excuse, but I have reasons.

My feet have been very busy over the past week. Last Wednesday I was in Edinburgh visiting old flatmates. On Thursday I was at my best friend's wedding (Yes, another) where I got poo'ed on by a pidgeon. Friday I was visiting my newly born first cousin once removed (my cousin's child which who was born late on the Tuesday night), I also picked up my laptop then spent three days reinstalling all the essentials and getting all my files back to an accessable point. Today I was babysitting my niece all day, and now I am breathing... and showing you the cutest pair of feet i've seen in a very long time.

This is Amelia Julianna Verrall and she is one week and one day old, and on the first day I met her she was wearing Chuck Taylor Converse socks. Absolutley amazing.


Danya A. said...

Hahaha that's so adorable :]

Christiana said...


Laura said...

So cute. This is one of my dreams for myself.