Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Gypsy Cowgirl

"Despite growing up near the beach in Southern California, I met and fell for a handsome cowboy gentleman who was horrendously out of his element. Raised by loving salt-of-the-earth parents, he was a charming Southern boy at heart, lost in a sea of surfers and skaters and traffic. Seeing as how he is ridiculously gifted at music (and I am - of course - not at all biased), it became clear to me that I would someday need to hang up my Rainbows and follow this boy to Nashville, to chase together our wildest dreams.

Passionately traveling down our own windy and dramatic road of love, one Christmas a few years ago, before we were married, I received a single gift. Upon opening the box that held my gorgeous cowboy boots, my sweet cowboy said to me,

"I wish I could be giving you a ring right now, but since I can't - I'm giving you these as my promise that soon I'm gonna marry you and take you with me to Nashville. And if you're gonna live in Nashville, you're gonna need some cowboy boots."

True to his word, that handsome cowboy and I have been married since January 14, 2006 - and living in Nashville, TN, chasing down our dreams, since December 7, 2006.

My heart is his, my life is a beautiful adventure, and these cowboy boots of mine will always follow his - anywhere they go.


Carolyn said...

This makes me happy. Beautiful writing!

j.peri said...

I was so excited to see you on Gypsy Feet!!!!