Tuesday, November 24, 2009

San Diego is for Lovers.

Two people fell in love and took this picture in San Diego.

A year later there were three. 

And they went back to that same spot and took the same picture. -Chelsea

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy happy happy happy happy happy happy...

... I'm so happy today.

That's the song that the clown from Liar Liar sings as a birthday song.

I'm a day late in my weekly post so that I can give a happy birthday feet blog post to our most awesome wonderful Gypsy Feet creator.

Laura. You are the awesome best. Yes.

Twenty five was (possibly) my best year. It's a good number.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy New Week to YOU!

I knew this week was going to be good before it started. When packages and cards begin to arrive it means I'm about to age one year. That's usually good. This year I'm ready to hit that milestone number.

Our guest room is being cleaned up because it'll have it's first occupant this week so our Christmas boxes came out. The tree box was just sitting there... waiting... all alone - all alone because I already unpacked the Nativity scene. I had decided not to erect the tree until there was something to put under it but just couldn't resist the new enormous lights husband bought for it. He put the tree up this afternoon.

I love the end of the year! Why wait to be happy?!

Friday, November 13, 2009

My journey to 25.

This little token makes me officially very close to ending my journey to 25.
That little blue sticker is my fave. It means it came from home.
I knew who it was from just by the handwriting even though I haven't seen it in years!
I think this is the first card he's ever sent me that our mum hasn't bought for him to sign.

I love you biggest brother. Thanks for remembering me :)

(Did mum tell you to send that?)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

All Gussy'd up!

Hey all! In my journey to support the little guy this holiday season I stumbled upon one of the friendliest and sweetest Etsians ever! Get to know her through this little post (and her twitter)- read on to the very end because she's got a special treat just for you! You're not going to be able to resist... I couldn't!

My name is Gussy and I sew ruffles. I started sewing one year ago and it's been a crazy love affair ever since. I had this wild thought one night. I'd like to learn how to sew. The next time my husband, Zack, and I visited my parents I asked if I could borrow their sewing machine. Little did I know I was about to have the time of my life.

I was supposed to bring the machine back on our next visit, which was a month later, but you know what? I kept it. I kept it and secretly hoped they would be OK with it.

And they were! {whew!} 

Since the sewing machine was mine for a few more weeks I decided it was time to check out thirty books from the public library. I flipped through most of them, as if I knew what I was looking for. At the time I didn't, but I think deep down I was looking for myself. I spent countless nights learning how other women sew. After browsing the pages and watching many online tutorials, I had come up with a plan.

By the way, for all you curious readers out there, I really did check-out about thirty books from the library. 

I began to sew. I tried to sew in a zipper without a zipper foot, and I did it! I had succeeded. I had found a way to sew that was most comfortable for me!

A few months went by and I decided my sewn items needed a name. I thought, I shall call you Gussy. {Because my mom calls me Gussy.} And so the Gussy brand was born, and I was happy. 

Very happy :)

I started sewing a ruffle on everything I made. Soon enough all my items were named: Ruffle Gus, Charming Gus, Mini-Gus, Lovely Gus, and Shady Gus. I'm not afraid to admit there are even more items. But no need to sound absurd, right? :) 

Then I thought, What if I do my ruffles like this? And, What if I sew it together this way? And then my ruffles became even more beautiful. It's true: I love my ruffles.

And again, I was happy. 

I have a blog, Gussy has a lot to say, and it's only most-appropriate that I share my ruffles on there, right? I think so.

Do I have another job, you may be asking? I do. I work at a large advertising agency. I'm a proofreader by day, Gussy sewer-girl by night. I work a lot. I love my work. Gussy is the most fulfilling job I've had to-date. Granted I'm young... but it's the truth. 

I believe it's because Gussy is me, and I am Gussy. I am the girl that loves to sew. Sewing is this new talent that I became incredibly comfortable with. It happened almost overnight. It's for sure, hands down, a God thing. He gave me this talent. I am so thankful. 

Sewing has gotten me and my husband through many tough times: long stretches of unemployment, long stretches of being in a new city and state, long stretches of transition where I desperately need something familiar in my life.

Plop me in my sewing room with my sewing machine, my iron, and my radio-player, and I am ecstatic. 

Life is about changes, and it is about doing daily what makes you the happiest. To me, life is about the journey and the feeling of hot fabric after a recent run-over of the iron. It's about hearing my sewing machine sing to me, it's about watching ruffles be completely themselves as I sew them onto fabric. 

Here at Gypsy Feet, life is about where you wander to and the ruffles you thoroughly love while sewing along the way.

Get your own Gussy from her shop and type "Gussy15" in the message to seller box and she'll give you 15% off any one in-stock item!

Thanks for playing along Maggie, it's been a treat! - Laura

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


In a few countries around the world 11th of November is a day to remember the end of World War one. It was the day that a ceasefire was announced and is commonly known as armistice day or remembrance day.

In the UK it is always publicised for weeks before, people show their support, appreciation and gratitude towards the service men and women that died fighting in that time. It has also come to be a day to remember all soldiers that have died in all wars.

To show support people wear poppies on their jackets because after World War One had ended the fields where several dead bodies fell and still lay grew poppies.

You seriously only have to watch 10 seconds of the ceremonies, united silences and services that were held today to feel emotion and instant gratitude for the lives lost.

This year is also the first year that there have been no survivors left to attend the services. The last three servicemen died earlier this year. Radiohead wrote a song to commemorate and remember the last World War Soldier alive called In Memory Of (Harry Patch).

11th of Novemeber is also pretty incredible because it's 11/11 and I love 11's.

So no feet today, just 11 of my very own shoes, with a single poppy.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What time is it? Girl TIME!!

I'm so thankful for the good relationships that seem to just fall into my lap.

I'm thankful for:
The girls who will drive me places - like the showing of Top Gun and August Rush in the park.
The girls who visit me just for fun.
The ones who have left me treats and care packages.
The angels who text me to tell me something funny or exciting that's going on.
I love hearing my phone chirp letting me know that a special someone is trying to chat with me on gmail.

I love sisterhood!
What an adventure you girls make my life!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fighting a life of grime.

A clean floor cheers me up when I'm feeling crumby.
Fresh hoover lines on the carpet make me smile.
Taking my frustration out by hoovering makes me relaxed.
Pink Dyson greets me every day from the hallway and makes me feel happy and at home.

I enjoy being a housewife.

What's your favourite chore?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

What a Guy!

Happy Guy Fawkes Day!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Park Life.

I've been financially frugal for years, but even more so in the last few months, so when I do spend money it hurts.

But when I spend money, that in hindsight was a complete waste, I hate myself.

I spent £45 today to stand in a park for 90 minutes and be cold.

I won't go into the details but it involves my ever money eating car.

On the happier side of things I got to spend some of Autumn in the park. I love the park. The light was nice, the air was wet but fresh, and the park was beautiful. It was a fantastic day minus the forty five pounds.

While there I did play on various child designed park toys like the swings and this elephant that rocked back and forth. The elephant looked incredibly sad for being an orange elephant and it had a terrible word (by UK standard) scratched into its forehead. I can only imagine the the elephant's tears are caused by the apathy, and ill behaviour of the children that used to be entertained by rocking but now need more thrill and excitement so vandalise public property with obscenities.

I used to go to this park with my mum, sister and next door neighbours when I was younger. I had vague memories, and I liked that I, in essence, got to say goodbye to something I would never have said goodbye to otherwise.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The City of Dionne welcomes you!

Here's another of my fave bloggers stopping in to inspire us.  Dionne, is a breath of fresh air. Her drawings and pictures make me feel all warm and fuzzy and her etsy shop makes me drool! Tell me you don't love her Gypsy Feet adventure picture... and I'll punch your nose!

Hi.  I'm Dionne and I am a Texifornalian (the official term for an Australian who used to live in California, who now lives in Texas).

Moving from Australia to the other side of the world was a big stage in my life.  I was fresh out of college and nervous.  I had no friends in the US, and no job lined up.  All I had was a suitcase full of clothes and Bon Voyage Cards (unread, so that I would have something to read on the plane).  I was hesitant to take the plunge, but eight years later, I can say that it's one of the best things I've ever done in my life.  This journey has lead me to sooo many wonderful things:

1. Romance and Love like I have never imagined.
2. Deep Friendships
3. Discovering myself
4. Discovering BOBA!!!!
5. Bumping into the Blogging World

There are soooo many more lovely things that have happened because I took this leap.  So I encourage you to leap whenever possible!