Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm just sayin'...

Today has been a kind of dreamy, exciting but nothing out of the ordinary day. It's just one of those happy kind of days. It's one of those days that you laugh at everything. Even if it wasn't one of those days I'd still have laughed at this email I got from Lyndsey W:

"so...cute blog. i clicked over b/c i read the rock star diaries and wanted to know what naomi was talking about. thing is -- i hate feet. hate hate hate. my own, other people's, all feet are gross to me. i don't even let my husband touch mine. [i do, however, have an obsession with toe nail polish, so take that for what it's worth.] can i write an anti-feet post for you? :)"

I get it. I totally do! Write away! See how I posted a picture of just my shoes for you?  

To be honest I'm actually not a fan of feet either. I have never had any kind of foot fetish. I actually have foot issues. My feet are so tickley I can't even touch them! I have to be creative when it comes to washing my feet because there's no way a bar of soap is going to touch them. I can't touch my feet. That's just one of the issues. I'm not a hater but I sorta-kinda-maybe like them. Just don't touch mine or touch me with yours. Ew!

Then I got another email that I'm pushing to the start of The Gypsy Feet que and will post on Monday - someone remind me. Basically this email encompasses the whole purpose of this project. It sort of made me proud.

Gypsy Feet isn't about feet. It's about the places we go, the people we meet, adventures, opposite of adventures etc... I know there's a couple knock-off Gypsy Feet sites out there. That used to bother me a bit that people could steal my baby and try pawning it off as their own BUT it is their own because we are Gypsy Feet. The whole point of this site is to share with other people, other Earth wanderers. It isn't about pedicures and shiny shoes. It's about who you were with and why you got the pedicure, how it made you feel, what was on the radio when you got it.

I love it when you send us your pictures and stories. I love seeing the evidence and reading about an adventure that doesn't even have the word "feet" in it. You can tell so much about that day just from the picture.

Love or hate them, we're all seeking after the same things and our feet take us to them...

It's about adventures, yo! 

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Going Gold!

"sometimes when i have work to do, emails to catch up on, groceries to get, lots of chores, and a million other little things i should be doing, i put on my gold shoes and i dance and prance around like i'm dorothy from the wizard of oz (except my ruby red slippers are actually gold because i like to be different.) you'd be surprised how easily a pair of sparkly shoes can lift your mood and make you feel all fancy as you scrub the tub. seriously. you should get some. "

If you haven't checked out Taza and her Rockstar Diaries you need to repent right now. I'm not even kidding. Repent or I'll smite you.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Movies, huh?

Modern take on a classic...

If I only had...
a degree
a new bike
a cappuccino 
a boyfriend

Monday, April 27, 2009

Photo Challenge!

Theme: Movies

Use movie titles, scenes, soundtracks etc... as inspiration.

Go wild with it!

Post pictures in the challenge album on  our facebook page.
Don't post the name of the movie. Watch us guess.
Submit as many pictures as you fancy.

Have fun!

The first picture is up!

Heeey, hey baby!

"Our second baby girl, born last month.  Is there anything better than baby feet?  I don't think so."

Rexburg, ID

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bug trap.

Who do you never get tired of?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Specific North West

I love the Pacific North West.
It has the perfect weather balance for me:
hot summers and cool winters.
I was led to believe that it rained here all the time.
It doesn't.
Just sometimes and it's refreshing.
I feel quite at home here.

What's your favorite things about where you live?
If you could live somewhere else where would you pick?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

1.. 2.. 3... pink!

I 100% love being a Gypsy.

However, sometimes it's really hard to think of new and interesting things to show.

I was running out the door on my way to a violin lesson when this perfect little opportunity arose.

My Mother told me to look at my niece's new socks. When I turned around to look I saw my niece putting on all of her new socks.

My Mother had no idea that's what she was up to.

But my three year old neice loved her new socks so much she wanted to wear them all at the one time.

She then proceeded to count all the socks for me, when I took a picture of her.

She really, really loves pink.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

He is the music man...

What's your favourite hobby?
When did you learn it?
Did someone introduce you to it?

I do, I do.

My little sister is no ordinary little girl. She is a fairy

My new pink pants...

My new pink pants make me want to do all sorts of things.

Like peel wallpaper and carve my name in furniture. 

Or eat plumbs and pick flowers from my neighbor's yard 
without asking or feeling guilty.

Maybe tomorrow I will make friends with someone just 
because they have a trampoline and a cotton-candy machine.

If you see me wearing my pink pants, run. 
I'll only get you into some sort of trouble.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Lady in waiting...

"39 weeks pregnant...
can you think of a better way to pass the time??"

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A day without shoes:

"On April 16th, TOMS Shoes is calling for individuals across the world to leave their shoes at the door for ONE DAY, in an effort to bring attention to the impact a simple pair of shoes can have on one's life. 

Walking is the primary mode of transportation in developing countries, and children often have to walk miles to get food, water, or medical help. Without shoes, they are subject to cuts, infection, and soil-transmitted diseases that can drastically impact their lives."

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Irn Shoes.

When I was wee my friends and I used to stand on cans and wedge them on our shoes. We would then continue to play with cans on our feet and make tapping or scraping noises on the hard ground outside. This would be kept up until the can fell off when they would get too loose to grip on to our narrow feet.

I re-created this Irn Bru can shoe this evening. It was a lot harder to get the can to mold to my foot – now that my feet are wider and longer. I walked around the house with it on for twenty minutes. Amazing.

I also love Irn Bru.

Made in Scotland from Girders... Barr's Irn Bru.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

walmart shoes

i am a firm believer that when there is nothing better to do, you can always find entertainment at walmart.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Roadtrippin' with my favourite ally

There's really not much I enjoy more than being trapped in a car with my lovie and forcing myself to stay awake to keep him company on a long drive. I really love it. I love singing so loud that I end up with a sore throat. I love that we both think we're guitars and will sing guitar parts just as much as we sing the actual lyrics. I love that I can show my love for him by not sleeping at all even though my head is bobbing up and down and my eyelids weigh a ton. I will not sleep. It's up to me to make sure he's ok. I don't have a drivers license but if they did licenses for most awesome passenger I'd totally get one in one try. Right, Stuee?

What's your favourite roadtrip experiences? Do you have any traditions? Any fun travel games?

Hush a bye baby...

"I'm a first time mom and It's also my first trip to the ER. She is so still and quiet! Times like these make me realize what a ray of sunshine she is to my life.  I Can't wait to see those feet kicking and wiggling like they did before!"

We hope those little feet are kicking and wiggling about now!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Congraduations, Gradulate!

He graduated at 11am. 
I was so proud. I almost shed a tear.
We checked out of our apartment at 2pm.
Slept in a hotel.
Woke up at 5.30am.
I wasn't too chipper.
Left at 6am.
Still not chipper.
Get to Marysville at 8pm.
I didn't sleep a wink the whole way.
Went to sleep at 10pm.

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

'Polydactyly' is not a dinosaur...

"my little girl, Daisy was born with an extra toe which i thought was awesome but she had to get it she could wear shoes and be here it is, in memory of Daisy's "freaky foot"."


Monday, April 6, 2009

A rogue river runs through it...

"Dad and I were out hiking today on the Rogue River Trail. It's a 41 mile trail that I used to hike when I was I kid. Sometimes it was with scouts and other times it was just myself and some friends. The memories are great ones...

 The [first picture is] at the beginning of the trail. I'm standing on a rock with my toes hanging over the edge about 6 inches above the river flowing under my feet. 

The [second pictures is] at one of the popular stops along the trail. It's 3.2 miles from the trail head and is where dad and I had our picnic and then started our return trip back to the car. 

What you see beyond my feet is Whisky Creek flowing into the Rogue River."

-Whiskey Feet

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Feed me now!

Each first weekend in April our church has a world wide broadcast.
We call it Conference.
I call it Awesome!

Danielle comes over for the weekend and I make macaroni and cheese from scritchity scratch.
We're spiritually fed and physically fed.
I never get fuller than I do this weekend of the year.

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Pied Piper of Shoes.

I don't have children.
I have shoes.
It's not how I chose it but when I do have children think of how many shoes they'll have!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ding-Dong! the cowboy's dead?

"Here is a picture my husband took 20 or so years ago in a little canyon in southeastern utah.  How does the saying go--"Cowboy's die with their boots on."  It looks like this guy had a bad end."


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Up. Down.

I know that it's April Fool's Day and I just thought that I should have done something crazy like paint my feet green and tell you I was actually a martian or something.

But I wasn't that smart.

Instead I took this shot today on my way home from work.

The escalator brings me from the lower ground train station to the ground level and essentially to work.

The escalator also brings me back down under ground to the lower train station so that I can, in fact, go home.

I could always take the real stairs. But at 8:40am and 6:12pm I don't feel much like climbing stairs.

So here's to the escalator. How it makes our lives that little bit more pleasant.