Thursday, June 4, 2009

Say hello to my little friend... no seriously, say 'hi'.

I know Kirsten through my sister in law. I don't know when I first met her or when she became one of my favourites.

10 Reasons why K-Diddy is my fave:
1. She is hilarious! 
2. She eats honey roast peanuts on her salad and now I do too and love it.
3. She's hyperactive in the best way.
4. She is adventurous.
5. She's punctual - very important to me.
6. She's completely non-touchy but gives the best hugs. I treasure the one she gave me.
7. She has trademark phrases she uses with trademark pitch and tone and hand gestures.
8. She has a vast vocabulary.
9. She loves Queen almost as much as I do.
10. She's like the sister I never had... or fought with or shared a bed with.

Do you have someone you instantly clicked with? 

1 comment:

Farah said...

Yeap definitely do! and i call her my soul sister! =)