Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wedding Wishes.

We met when were both in our early teens. We lived in opposite ends of the city, and there was no way we would have met if it wasn't for pure, divine interverntion.

There are some people in life you are meant to meet. Some of them stay for a while then leave, some of them come and go quicker than the post man. Others are for life.

I remember seeing a tv advert that said out of all the people you will meet and befriend in your life, there is an average of six people that you will keep with you forever.

I definitely know that she is one.

And I definitely know that we talk about getting married, and growing old, and being aunts to each other's children, and taking holidays together, and living next door to one another before we're 70 and developing dementia together and going to the same old persons' home together and talking only about and reliving the days when we were 15.

Age caught us. Life changes. Progression starts. And although we might start walking different paths, our paths will still be close together.

My best friend's Wedding. 22nd May 2009. Salt Lake City, Temple Square.

P.S. yes... I'm back in utah again... for that wedding and with my love. Oh yes. AND... I caught the bouquette. Granted, I was the only girl on the street, and she threw it to me... but the wishes and the tradition came with it. Oh yes.

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Laura said...

I love this post, Vikki. Way poetic and sombre. You're talking about somethings I've been pondering lately and you seem to have one of those things I with I had.

I think you're both great - if there's room for one more, let me know. ;)