Tuesday, June 9, 2009

PC: The Shoe Parade!

Me getting excited over something simple is nothing new. But this time I'm SUPER excited over something SUPER simple! Here's the drill:

Take a picture of you wearing your most favorite shoes. If your fave shoes are no longer with us - may they rest in peace - find a picture of them! Find a picture and embellish it, don't just pinch a picture from a website and send it to us. Personalise it.

Stick the picture in our album on the facebook event page and tell us why they're your favorite shoes ie. comfort, adventures, memories, sass OR/AND post your picture on your blog and leave the perma link to it on our facebook wall. Whilst you're at it why not retweet and spread the word? I want to see sooooo many shoes! I know you do too!

Do you have a ton of fave shoes? Are your pics on Flickr? That's cool. Leave us the link to that too.

It's pretty much a free for all! Leave us a comment here with a link to know you've joined in.

For more coherant instructions read the facebook event info. I'm just too excited!

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