Thursday, June 18, 2009

Top 10: Snack Foods you could eat your weight in

I'm a super snacker. I love snack food. It's a recent thing, I think.

1. Crackers. I love crackers. I have to put some in a baggie at the start of the day to ration my intake. The day I discovered Goldfish crackers was a glorious one.

2. Cheese. The perfect companion of crackers. For snacking I have to say String Cheese.

3. Popcorn. Never used to be such a fan but I love flavoured popcorn... cheese flavoured funnily enough. White Cheddar ORRRR Salt and Vinegar. YUM! Husband is also a flavoured popcorn fiend.

4. Crisps AKA Chips. I like plain salty crisps. With dip... with my mum's cream cheese and onion dip. Happy memory: sharing a bowl of said dip with my older brother late one night over Christmas. Pringles are maybe my fave Crisp.

5. Muddy Buddies. Really, who doesn't love those?

6. Ice Poles AKA Otter Pops. Lime and Orange are my favourite. Blue Raspberry is too but I'm never bothered about giving it up for someone else as long as there's a lime or orange one for me.

7. Soft Pretzels. Love! It's such a treat when we go to the mall and husband buys me a hot buttery/salty soft pretzel. I love them a lot.

8. Chocolate covered Raisins.

9... I can't think of any more. Tell me yours...


JulieD said...

Mmm..I love regular popcorn, BUT with M&Ms added to it. You dump a handful or two into the bowl, then they get a little warm and gooey, and you make sure each handful of popcorn includes a few M&Ms. And yes, Goldfish are you anytime/all-the-time snack. Couldn't live without them.

Laura said...

You sound like someone who'd appreciate my peanut butter caramel corn recipe. Yuuum!

Vikki Miller said...

So my love has been eating Otter pops like they're going out of fashion and when he first asked me if I wanted one, I was like 'what are they?' Once he'd showed me I was like 'Oh you mean an Ice Pole'

I totally appreciate that you put the US/UK versions on there.