Monday, June 22, 2009

Life, love and stuff she likes...

Hello, I'm submitting this foot pic because it makes me miss home. (and i think it's pretty.) My husband, baby and I took a trip to see my folks in Indiana last summer. Few realize how dope Lake Michigan is and that there are miles miles of beautiful beaches. (including said husband.) We took this pic on a beautiful August day as we looked at the Chicago skyline in the distance. I also love his farmer tan and stringy leg hair.


Kera is embarking on one enormous adventure right now. Check out her blog to hear all about it.


Stuart said...

I love wet sand between my toes. Nothing says home like lots of water nearby. That was the thing I missed most while away at school.

Laura said...

Stuee, we need to go to the beach this summer for sure. Doesn't this make you want to be there right now? - except, not right now but later, like in the day time?