Friday, June 19, 2009

The tale of The Friendship Shoes.

These shoes were meant to be the start of something specific. At least in my mind. They were bought together at the time The Gypsy Feet was born. I had visions of shared adventures and sisterhood being tied together by twin shoes (instead of Friendship bracelets) - or quadruplet shoes? It didn't quite work out that way. The shoes did motivate me to chase adventure instead of sitting about being glum due to a back injury that kept me from working and getting homesick but I was following adventure with another partner.

It was then a new pair of Friendship Shoes was adopted into the first months of The Gypsy Feet's life. Those ginormous man shoes. The shoes added a new side to him. When we first met socks and sandals were not an uncommon sight. Now he's mister flip flops, sideburns and adventure orientated...
Even though things changed pretty quickly and The Gypsy Feet didn't follow the life plan I set out for it. It's grown into something I'm proud of. It's a part of me. It motivates me to do things and to share and encourage others to be a part of life adventures. Whether or not they accept the challenge is up to them. I'm finding fulfillment in my surroundings even though I sit at the same chair every day.

I'm sitting in the same place but I'm going somewhere different.

Have an adventure this weekend. Share it with us: Get involved!

Change is coming to The Gypsy Feet. I can feel it.

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